Eye-candy salad!

First, I’d like to thank PositiveMed for giving me the opportunity to share my Creative Cuisine  with the PositiveMed community! I believe food can be both delicious and visually appealing!

I hope you enjoy this colorful, light and easy-to-make recipe which makes for a great entrée.

What you need:

2 whole endives
1 can of corn
10 radish  (or more as you wish)
2 tbsp light mayonnaise
30gr light feta cheese
1/2 tsp black pepper

(no salt added, because the feta cheese is salty enough)


What to do:

1) Separate and rinse endive leaves, (set aside in colander to drain)

2) Mix corn, mayo, black pepper

3) Fill each leaf with the corn mix

4) Decorate with radish and sprinkle feta cheese on top

5) Enjoy!

(Note: Radishes are known for promoting weight loss if added to a healthy lifestyle, and also joins Endives under the vegetables with may health benefits)

Creative Cuisine by: Assya Moussaid  Twitter: @kickassia