Some Interesting Facts About Mayonnaise

mayonnaise in red line sauce-boat with curly parsl

It is no secret that mayonnaise is a remarkable condiment and tastes really yummy. Today it is used by almost every fast food chain. Here are some interesting facts about mayonnaise you probably didn’t know.

1.  Gum remover
We often come across the problem where a chewing gum gets stuck at places in your house, office or anywhere else. Mayonnaise can be used to remove the stuck gum. Just apply a glop to the gum and it will automatically come out without leaving any residual.

2. Conditioner
Mayonnaise can also be used as a very effective conditioner. Just follow the instructions on the back of your conditioner pack and instead of using the actual conditioner, use mayonnaise. It will leave you with shiny softer hair and at the same time will make them healthy.

3. Lice killer
Mayonnaise is also a very nice lice killer. Generally lice killers are made up of harmful chemicals that might damage your hair and even eyes if they come in contact. Using mayo for killing lice is a more natural way of eradicating lice.

4. Manicure
Another use of mayonnaise apart from eating is manicure. Just put your nails in a bowl of mayonnaise for five minutes and then wash with normal water. It will help your nails in getting rid of nasty hangnails.

5. Exfoliate yourself
Mayonnaise can also be used for exfoliating purposes. Place a bowl of mayonnaise in microwave and leave it at room temperature. After that apply it on your face and like any other face pack leave for about 15 minutes. After that remove it with an upward motion. Repeat this weekly for better results.

6. Derivation of name
It is still unknown that where did mayonnaise get their name from. However some people guess that mayonnaise get their name from French word “moyeu” which means egg yolk. Egg yolk is prime ingredient of mayonnaise.

7. Tar removal
Mayonnaise is also used for removing tar and tree sap from cars. Apply some amount of mayo on the tar and sap deposits on your car’s surface and wait for some time. After sometime use a damp cloth to rub the mayonnaise off your car’s surface to get rid of tar.

8. useful in sunburns
Tired of sun burns on your body and its irritation? Mayonnaise can be the wonder product for you. Apply some mayonnaise on your area of skin with sun burn and leave for some time. It will ease off the pain and provide cool to the burn.

9. Crayon art removal
Yes you heard that right. If you have children at home who like to exhibit their art on the walls of your house, then let them do it without worrying about the walls. Mayonnaises are great crayon art removers. Rub the crayon art with mayo and then rub it off to watch it vanish away like it was never there.

10. for cleaning leaves and piano keys
Mayonnaises are also used for cleaning the piano keys and the plant leaves that get dirty when kept out. Using mayo for cleaning gives leaves a professional cleanse without spending much.