You are your balance of your hormones

Have you been feeling emotionally and physically down? It might be because of an imbalance of hormones, which are actually used by every cell in your body. Overproduction of the hormones estrogen and testosterone can have many negative effects on men and women, from depression and mood swings to increased risk for certain diseases.
In simple words, you are your balance of your hormones. The following are some suggestions on how you can balance your hormones naturally to avoid their annoying negative effects.

  • See Your Doctor

Even though natural remedies are really effective, you should never hesitate to talk with your doctor, especially when it comes to hormone imbalance.


  • Sleep More

The most natural and effective way to balance your hormones is by getting a good night sleep.

  • Change Your Diet

Remember, we are what we eat, what you put in your mouth has a huge impact on your hormones.
Eliminate all artificial sweeteners.
Include vitamins D, B and CoQ10 in your daily supplements.
Avoid foods that stress your adrenals, such as alcohol, caffeine and simple carbs
Your body simply cannot process dairy and wheat products, avoid them as much as possible, its important to take into consideration that they do create more stress in our body balance.


  • Reduce Stress

Find ways to relieve stress; meditate, practice yoga, rest, pray, anything you can do that will help you reduce your level of stress every day.


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