Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Its normal to shed 50-100 hairs from your head each day, but sometimes this number can increase due to stress on the body, hormones, and even genetics. Other causes of hair loss include several illnesses with high fever, pregnancy and childbirth, shock, skin cancer, chemotherapy, excess of vitamin A, autoimmune disease, and a few others. If you have a healthy head of hair, your scalp replaces hairs at the same rate you lose them. If you are losing more than 200 hairs a day, you may have a problem, the new hair growth just can’t keep up.


Nature offers an array of effective remedies and applications that are much easier on the pocketbook.

  • Rub your head for 10 minutes with the surface of a freshly cut onion, the odorous vegetable contains plenty of sulfur, which aids in the formation of collagen, a substance that makes hair fuller and stronger. Follow up by washing your hair.
  • Massage a few drops of pure tea tree oil into your scalp to stimulate hair growth
  • Use rosemary oil to activate your hair follicles to promote growth
  • Contrast hot and cold water while shampooing. End with cold water and towel the scalp dry.
  • Sage tea, drunk and applied externally, will stimulate hair growth; meanwhile Nettle tea helps to cleanse the system, and encourages the growth of hair.
  • Increase your intake of vitamin B-complex, choline, inositol, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and minerals in a good supplement.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often, once or twice a week is enough for healthy hair and skin. Most people shampoo much too often, unless you are sweating excessively, even then a dry shampoo may be sufficient.

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