Busting the Myths about Monounsaturated Fats

Let’s begin with, what is MUFA? They are plant-base oils, which are packed with nutrient that keep your skin looking youthful and help your digestion too. MUFA are packed with antioxidants and beneficial compounds to help with long-term health.


So, forget simplistic fat-free dieting, these satisfying oils, will fill you up fast and for longer than many other foods, therefore you should include a MUFA in every meal, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Consuming monounsaturated fatty acids may help lower your risk of heart disease by improving risk factors. For instance, MUFAs may lower your total and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels but maintain or increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. MUFAs may also help normalize blood clotting. And some research shows that MUFAs may also benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be especially helpful if you have type 2 diabetes.

MUFAs are a central part of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. But even if you don’t follow a Mediterranean-style diet, you can include the top 4 MUFA-rich foods that will keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier are:

Follow the MUFA Rule

  • Vegetable oils (canola, flaxseed, and sunflower)-aim to consume a couple of tablespoons of MUFA-rich oil a day, but remember they vary greatly in quality, so try to get the best that you can afford.
  • Nuts and seeds- buy unshelled nuts because they will be fresher when you eat them, or make sure they are salt-free type.
  • Olives
  • Avocados

Just don’t go overboard. All fats, including MUFAs, are high in calories, so use MUFAs only in moderation. Consume MUFA-rich foods instead of other fatty foods, not in addition to them.

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