7 Crazy Things You Might Not Know About Eggs

7 Crazy Things You Might Not Know About Eggs
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson
7 Crazy Things You Might Not Know About Eggs
Eggs are oval in shape and contain many secrets There are many qualities of eggs which many of us are unaware. There is also the long-asked question which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Here are some interesting and crazy facts about eggs:

• Egg Yolks Help Develop the Brain
Egg yolks are one of the richest sources of B-Complex vitamin choline, which is related to better neurological function and reduction in inflammation, which also helps develop the fetal brain when eaten by those who are pregnant. A choline-enriched diet is linked to happiness. Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey stated that choline breaks down into chemicals used in the methylation cycle creating feelings of happiness.

• The Color of Egg Doesn’t Affect Taste or Nutritional Content
Eggs can be different colors but that makes no difference to their qualities. They can be green, white, brown, yellow, or blue. It’s the quality and content of the egg that matters, not the color. The same hen can produce eggs of different colors.

• Why Fresh Eggs are Harder to Peel After Boiling
If the raw egg is stored for a longer duration the air cell of the shell increases in size which contracts the content of the egg which makes it easier to peel them after boiling. Eggs usually stay fresh longer than you think. The expiration date on the egg carton is actually the sell-by date. Per USDA eggs stay fresh 5 weeks after that date.

• You Can Test Eggs by Placing Them in Salt Water
If you doubt the freshness of your eggs and have no idea how long the eggs have been in the refrigerator, here is an easy way to find out whether you can use them or not:
a) Mix 2 Tablespoons salt in 2 cups cold water
b) Gently place the eggs in the water
c) If it sinks it is fresh. If it floats toward the bottom at an angle it is starting to age. If it floats throw it away.• Free-range & Cage-Free
Just because your egg is laid by a cage-free bird doesn’t make it an egg laid by a happy and healthier bird. In the US, free-range means that hens/chickens had access to the outdoors at some point in their lives. Farmers use the term cage-free if they spend a substantial amount of time outdoors.• Membrane of an Egg Works as Under-Eye Mask

Crack the egg and carefully peel off the membrane that coats the inner walls of the egg. You can use it as an under-eye mask by applying it under your eyes (keep it out of your eyes). Let it dry then wash off with water. Feel the difference. You can do it while you are peeling eggs for cooking.

• What Does the Color of Yolk and White Indicate?

Orange or dark yellow yolks indicates they contain more carotenoids, which shows the hen has a varied diet. This means the egg is vitamin A-enriched and contains omega-3′s. The protein and fat content is usually the same. As to the whites of an egg, cloudy white shows the egg is fresh, clear is not as fresh, if the egg whites are pinkish and iridescent they are going rotten.