Top 12 Best Healthy Snacks

Top 12 Best Healthy Snacks

1. Sliced Tomato with a sprinkle of Feta and Olive Oil
Lunch left something to be desired? This savory dish will make your taste buds happy.

2. Vitamuffin VitaTop
Pop this vitamin-rich fudgy treat before a morning meeting and that Danish won’t look so damn good.

3. Starbucks Tall Skinny Latte
Score your caffeine fix along with a hunger-crushing 10-gram shot of protein and about a third of your daily calcium needs.

4. Banana
Naturally prepackaged goodness you can take anywhere, with the added benefit of cramp-preventing potassium.

5. 1/2 c edamame (measured shelled)
Eating this protein-packed pick-me-up out of the shell will help make the snack last longer.

6. 3 c Air-Popped Popcorn
Go ahead, nibble mindlessly as you zone out in front of Bravo. Even if you’re watching trash, you won’t be eating it.

7. Quaker Instant Oatmeal (regular flavor)
This speedy fiber- and protein-packed breakfast also makes for a warm, filling snack.

8. Yoplait Light Yogurt (fruit flavors)
This bone-building goodie provides 20 percent of your RDA for calcium and vitamin D.

9. 8 Shrimp and 4 Tbsp Cocktail Sauce
The perfect appetizer—and no one at the table will know you’re counting calories.

10. 2 Sargento Light String Cheese Snacks

Any food you can play with is a great distraction; plus, the protein battles mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

11. Curves Granola Bar
Stash chocolate-peanut or strawberries-and-cream bars in your glove box to help you resist the lure of the drive-thru when you’re on the road.

12.  1 c Baby Carrots with 2 Tbsp Hummus

The crunchy texture keeps choppers busy, and tangy hummus feeds your need for comfort food.