Double hand transplant for a life lesson to all

Lindsay Ess is a Texas fashion graduate and double hand transplant patient, who lost her hands and legs, when a blockage in her small intestine resulting from Crohn’s Disease led to an infection that turned her extremities into dead tissue five years ago.

She had said before that she could understand and accept the fact that her legs where gone, but not her hands, fortunately last year, with the help of two doctors team and a 12 hour surgery she had one of the 60 hand transplants made in the last 50 years.


Even though it was a blessing, it was very difficult to Ess to get used to the idea of her hands looking like they belonged to someone else, and the best part is that her muscles were reacting well and she could even pick up small objects with her new hands in no longer than 6 months.
‘In Lindsay’s case, the hookup of the new hand is relying on her nerves growing into the new muscles from the donor,’ Levin told Nightline.

Lindsay had mention before The type of person that I was would be the type of person I would hate now, it is important to understand every lesson life sends us, and to see the positive side of every and each situation, after all things are created the way we see them.

Ess, who was always one of the pretty girls, says the whole experience has taught her a lesson about what’s important in life. This is a very motivational story to remind us to be humble and grateful every day.