Two-Ingredient Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

Two-Ingredient Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

Today’s round up is all about that part of the meal, which everyone in the family loves. Yes, I am talking about the dessert. On those busy work nights all you need is a big bowl of simple home-made ice-cream to relax and unwind.

But the commercially made ice-creams often leave us feeling guilty, especially if you are watching your weight or trying to eat a healthier diet. However, making your own ice cream after a hectic day and struggling with a meal, seems like a daunting task.

But believe me, this recipe is so super-easy and delicious using a Vitamix blender that you will never have to go back to the store-bought-artificial-stuff or think twice before indulging.

You can forget to churn by hand and buy a separate ice-cream maker to enjoy a sorbet or an ice cream when you can make it right in your blender.

It is not technically an ice cream because it does not contain any cream or dairy product, to be more precise. It is a dairy-free, vegan, sugar-free and healthy version of an ice cream.

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The only preparation that you need to do is to cut some ripe bananas and freeze them well in advance. Make sure to cut the banana into small pieces to avoid getting caught in the blade and put in a freezer bag till completely solid. They keep well for least one week.

Since this ice cream does not call for any sugar, make sure that the bananas are ripe and sweet. Else you could add some honey or agave nectar or stevia.

If you would like to cut down the taste of ripe bananas, you can add non-dairy milk of your choice like almond milk, coconut milk or yogurt to the recipe.

2 frozen cut bananas
1 -2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

Add both ingredients into the Vitamix blender and secure the lid. Turn the machine on, at variable speed 1. Once the ingredients have mixed well, slowly increase the speed to 10 and finally to high. In less than a minute, you will hear a different sound from the machine and see that the creamy and light mounds are ready. Stop the machine.

Be careful not to over mix it or the dessert will start to melt from the friction and heat. You can serve immediately or keep it in the freezer well, for up to two days.


Oh, there is more! Banana ice cream is just the base, you can replace chocolate for other flavors like strawberry or peanut butter and take the recipe to a whole new level. Simply add the ingredients and blend for a few more seconds and serve. It’s incredibly easy, healthy and turn out great every single time.

Happy blending!

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