Avoiding Contaminated Seafood

Fish is healthy, a lean protein, full of Omega 3’s, and is delicious, but how do you know if it’s safe? There are many seafood species that have high levels of mercury, which can seriously impede development, among other metals, like PCBs. Repeated exposure to this chemical can harm skin and immune functions. Fish can also be full of pesticides as well as many potentially-poisonous industrial chemicals. It is very simple; the ocean is packed small with toxic contaminants and organisms, which are eaten by small fish, which are eaten by us.

Here is a list of the least contaminated seafood:

From the farm
Bay Scallops
Rainbow trout
Striped bass


From the wild
Atlantic Herring
Pacific cod
Spiny and Maine lobster
Alaska Pollock
Domestic shrimp


There are many tips we can follow before we choose our fish, buy local, that way you know where it comes from, not to mention, sustainability. Get to know your fish, ask how they caught it, better by hook and line, troll or spear and always, always check the seasons. If it has an overwhelming “fish” smell it is probably not fresh, also, when buying from a fish market look at the eyes, they should be bright and clear.