10 Things Never to Say to a Single Woman

10 Things Never to Say to a Single Woman

There are no written rules for love and relationships, but there are certain social rules that should be followed to live a peaceful life. We are often tempted to give advice, but next time you meet a single woman watch your words and questions as your words might offend that lovely single lady. Here are some common things that should never be said to single women:

1. Why aren’t you married?
This is the most common question to tap single people’s switches. This is rude to ask and shows that you perceive that person is unhappily single. This is none of your business. Many single people live authentic lives on their own terms and enjoy it.

2. Is this your boyfriend?
When you see a single woman hanging out with a guy friend, you may want to figure out who the guy is and ask if this is the boyfriend. This is an awkward situation and no one’s business unless they choose to make it so.

3. Have you thought about online dating?
Its common for people to meet online, but this question can hurt a single woman’s feelings as she may not feel secure about it.

4. You are still young, you will find someone soon
These attempts to make a single woman feel good might turn out to be a disaster. Age has nothing to do with being loved.

5. You are meant to be single
You are nobody to tell somebody what she is meant for. This statement can get you on the nerves of a single woman.

6. Your friends are happy in relationships
If your friends are happy in their relationships, it does not mean that every person wants to be in one. Telling a single woman that she will never be happy without being in a relationship is degrading to her values and life choices.

7. You’re single because you’re too picky
This statement is an accusation that she can’t trust her own needs and desires.

8. What happened with “?” any ex
Experts say this is the worst thing you can say to a single woman. There are several factors and sad stories behind break-ups and you should not open emotional wounds. If your friend wants to talk about it, she will.

9. You should smile/flirt more and wear make-up more
These are rude suggestions that singles often hear. This makes them think that if they are single they are doing something wrong.

10. You need to love yourself first
Every woman loves herself and it is not ok to suggest this absurd idea. This can give a feeling of inferiority to your single woman friends. Try to be nice and decent with her normally without commenting about her relationship status.