Mango Float Recipe

mango float

This is a great dessert for summer days. Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits in the world. The best are grown in an island in the Philippines called Guimaras. It is the famous Mango Capital of the world.


Graham crackers and graham crackers crumbs
All-purpose cream
Condensed milk or sweetened creamer
Crushed graham crackers

1. Prepare the bowl.
2. Combine the cream and condensed milk.chill it for about 30 minute then mix it with electric mixer to double the size of the ingredients.
3. Slice the mangoes into thin and small slices.
4. Put a layer of graham crackers at the bottom.
5. Spread a layer of the cream.
6. Put a layer of mango slices.
7. Repeat the last three steps up to the desired thickness.
8. Add a final layer of cream.
9. Crush graham crackers and put them on the top.
10. Put it in the freezer or refrigerator.
11. Make sure it is cold when served.