The importance of drinking during breakfast


by:Sarah Dussault

Smoothies and juices are a delicious and nutritionally satisfying way to start your day. Here are some benefits of drinking your breakfast that you might not be aware of!

Not only do they provide one of the easiest ways to naturally get your daily dose of vitamins from real fruits and veggies, but consuming them first thing in the morning in liquid form allows your body to digest them easier. When the fruits and veggies are blended up, it takes a step away from your stomach of breaking them down and with an empty stomach the nutrients are more likely to be absorbed by your body than pass through. Try adding kale to your smoothie for an extra serving of leafy greens.

Smoothies also allow you to get a hefty dose of protein to start your day. Some experts swear by consuming a high protein breakfast with weight loss. Additionally, if you workout in the morning, a smoothie is the perfect post exercise meal thanks to delicious tasting protein powders. My favorites are sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener, like Jay Robb, Vega, and Perfect Fit. Combine with ½ a banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, almond milk and a few ice cubs for simple combination.

They keep you feeling full and energized until lunch. The volume of a smoothie is satisfying and will fill up your stomach so that you are not left wanting more. For extra fiber, add a tablespoon of chia seeds or flax seeds to help you feel satiated. Try using lower calorie liquids like unsweetened almond milk at just 30 calories per cup versus skim milk which is 90 for great taste while keeping the nutrition facts in check.

Having a liquid breakfast is also beneficial for your digestion. When you first wake up, your stomach is still finishing digesting the previous days food intake. Rather than shocking it right away with a challenging meal to digest, a smoothie allows it to have a little break and finish it’s job of eliminating waste if it wasn’t already.